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World-wide delivery of open source operating systems and software

Knowledge is the difference between a system and a solution. Hindsight is a wonderful asset, which can be called upon in the form of previous  experience to avoid the pitfalls and accelerate the benefits. In addition to the knowledge surrounding how best to deploy the technology in a retail environment, it is possible to use the knowledge of industry best practice that only a team of retail merchandising specialists can provide.

We also offer a range of other open source software.

Figures issued by online security firm, hit the headlines recently, claiming that a computer crime is committed every ten seconds in Britain. Among these multi-faceted crimes, which include identity theft and online harassment, the research states that last year there were 144,500 cases of hacking into PCs. Presumably these are just reported cases. The true figure is likely to be much higher.

Latest solar panel electricity systems built using open source sofware.

The “Download, Evaluate, Purchase” model is designed to enable IT professionals to install the software in their own environment for a limited time and, if they decide to proceed with implementation, there is no need to uninstall the software but merely purchase the appropriate licences and validate the software in situ. 

Customer Relationship Management – collaboratively identifying and delivering benefits

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